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Custom service

It can be customized according to special needs and special environment to provide you with professional, standardized, timely and effective services 24 hours a day


Based on customer needs, customize products suitable for you
Understand customers' situation in detail, and provide customers with the most appropriate and economical customized product solutions according to their own needs and cost budget.


Product intelligence, safety and high reliability
We have been deeply engaged in the field of hydraulic system manufacturing for nearly ten years, and have made continuous research and development and breakthroughs. The product performance is more suitable for application scenarios, and the precision intelligence is more cost-effective.


Integration of research, production, marketing and service, guaranteed cooperation
It has its own modern plant base, various professional production equipment, independent R & D and production, rich and diverse products, and one-stop service, so that you can relax and rest assured.


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Beijing MKHT Technology Development Co., LTD
The backbone of the company's team has 15 years of experience in the development of electromechanical and hydraulic projects in the mining industry, and has repeatedly designed intelligent mine solutions that meet the actual needs of customers at home and abroad. Customer satisfaction remains high, and the products are exported to Asia, Europe, America and Australia.